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Corporate Payment Services

These SEPA Interface Descriptions are used by banks, corporates and service agents to communicate with Worldline via the Customer-to-Bank XML format. These descriptions are used for Worldline's product Corporate Payment Services which is the successor of "Directe Aanlevering" in the Netherlands.


Worldline offers its customers several services to facilitate the processing of payments. The services and the manuals are listed below:


Secure FTP

These manuals provide information regarding Worldline Secure File Transfer services; the FTP over TLS- and Connect:Direct connection types.

Secure FTP over TLS

User manual PDF (ENG) 

Secure File Transfer with SSH FTP

User manual PDF (ENG) 

Secure FTP Connect:Direct

User manual PDF (ENG) 


Contract information manager

CIM is used to register and maintain contracts for companies that accept card brands processed by Worldline.

Contract Informatie Manager

User manual PDF (NL) 

Contract Information Manager

User manual PDF (EN)