Service Conditions AIS – for Merchants


    1.1. The “AIS” service is an Account Information Service consisting of an online service to provide consolidated information on one or more payment accounts held by the payment service user with either another payment service provider or with more than one payment service provider in the sense of EU Directive 2015/2366 (PSD2).

    1.2. The "AIS" service offers the Merchant, as end user for professional purposes (the “User”), an online tool,
    I. to access his/her payment account(s) information; and/or
    II. to capture raw data, to reorganize it in a structured way to provide a global view of his/her payments and/or to inform him/her about the status of his/her payments (e.g. the payment has been settled to his/her payment account).

    1.3. The service consists of providing a report to the Merchant, sent via file transfer, email, online request or through Worldline’s extranet.

    1.4. Worldline may change the service to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements such as its requirements and obligations under the PSD2, and to implement technical adjustments and improvements, for example to address a security threat.


    2.1. To be able to use the service, the User needs to proceed with the creation of an access identification at Worldline, thereby creating identification credentials and personalized security credentials.

    2.2.This access identification and corresponding personal security credentials need to remain strictly personal and confidential. The User is responsible for the preservation and the confidentiality of its corresponding personal security credentials. He assumes all liability for the disclosure thereof to any person whatsoever.

    3. ACCESS

    3.1. To be able to use Worldline's API, the User logs in via his identification credentials and corresponding personalized security credentials. (Data Access).

    3.2 The first time the User uses the AIS service, the User grants consent to Worldline to access the concerned payment accounts for a period of 90 consecutive calendar days, for the purpose of rendering the services. After such 90 consecutive calendar days period, the User has to renew its consent to continue to use the services (for another such 90 days period).


    Once the information being consulted and the payment accounts synchronized, the AIS service registers and keeps the enrolled payment accounts up to date automatically.


    Please refer to the pricing information on the order form.


    6.1 Preventative and security-related maintenance Worldline can temporarily suspend the AIS service to perform technical maintenance, in particular with respect to security patches. Worldline will use reasonable efforts to announce such technical maintenance.

    6.2 Corrective maintenance Worldline will use reasonable efforts to grant the Merchant access to the AIS service in a manner that is as uninterrupted as reasonably possible.
    If interruptions would be caused by the external parties (e.g. unavailability of the information to be provided by the financial institution), then the role of Worldline will be limited to informing such parties about the interruptions, if reasonably possible, in order to allow them to take necessary measures.


    7.1. Worldline will deliver the necessary efforts to provide the AIS service in accordance with industry practices.

    7.2. Worldline will use reasonable efforts to provide a reliable service by using server authentication, signing messages, and protecting data exchanges. The User nevertheless acknowledges the unpredictable nature of the Internet, the complexity of software, the multitude of parties and factors involved, as well as the increased risk of hacking. Worldline reminds the User that the security of information between the User's computer and the payment service provider depends on the use of SSL ("Secure Socket Layer", a cryptographic protocol that allows to transport information over the Internet in a confidential manner). Worldline does not have any impact on elements such as the general operation of the Internet, telecommunications networks, third-party servers, etc.

    7.3. Worldline's duty to advise the Merchant shall be explicitly limited to the technical conditions for using the AIS service. It shall not include the information duties of the financial institutions.

    7.4. Worldline will use reasonable efforts to repair reproducible defects, to the extent they lie within Worldline's control. If the User would detect an error, then he will inform his contact person at Worldline in writing or by email as soon as possible about the error and its symptoms. Worldline will then provide a written answer, in which it will try to include repair measures and a planning for implementation.

    7.5. The User grants mandate to Worldline to access, in his name and for his account, each of the payment accounts which he has designated, and such for the purpose of doing all acts necessary for the rendering of the services, in conformity with the provisions of PSD2.

    7.6. As part of the services, Worldline provides general and personalized information relating to the designated payment accounts. Worldline shall use its best efforts to provide accurate information. This general information is gathered from the sources made available by the User. Other than in the event of gross negligence or deliberate transgression of duty, Worldline cannot be held liable either in the event of certain information proving inaccurate, or for the way in which User might interpret or use the information provided.

    7.7. Worldline shall, in providing the AIS services,
    (a) provide the services only where based on the User’s explicit consent;
    (b) pensure that the personalised security credentials of the payment service user are not, with the exception of the User and the issuer of the personalised security credentials, accessible to other parties and that when they are transmitted by the account information service provider, this is done through safe and efficient channels;
    (c) for each communication session, identify itself towards the account servicing payment service provider(s) of the User and securely communicate with the account servicing payment service provider(s) and the payment service user, in accordance with PSD2;
    (d) access only the information from designated payment accounts and associated payment transactions;
    (e) not request sensitive payment data linked to the payment accounts;
    (f) not use, access or store any data for purposes other than for performing the account information service explicitly requested by the payment service user, in accordance with data protection rules


    8.1. The User shall inform Worldline immediately about any errors, malfunctions or every fraudulent use of the AIS service that he becomes aware of.

    8.2. The User is prohibited of diverting the services from their purpose, in particular (non-limitedly listed) by accessing data to which he has no access to, by downloading the data in an illegal way or which may affect third party rights, or by using the services in an illegal way.

    8.3. Worldline cannot be held liable in any whatsoever for damages following such diversion of services. In addition, Worldline may delete any illicit content or content which may affect third party rights as soon as it is aware thereof.


    9.1 The User declares and warrants towards Worldline that he is the holder of the designated payment accounts for the purpose of the services and that he has all required powers and/or authorisations to autorise Worldline to provide the services to User.

    9.2 The User declares and warrants towards Worldline that the User is and remains the one and only responsible for access and use of the services.

    9.3 The User declares being fully informed on the characteristics, limits, impediments and risks of using the services, which he accept.


    10.1 Complaints can be submitted to Worldline via the Customer Services Department, or by using the electronic complaint form available at

    10.2 The User may, if required, also make a complaint about a payment service by writing to:

    Federal public service for Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy – Directorate-General for Control and Mediation – Front Office - NGIII, Koning Albert II-laan 16, 3rd floor, 1000 Brussel

    10.3 The User’s right to pursue other legal remedies is not affected by initiating an out of court dispute settlement procedure as referred to above..

    11. PRIVACY

    11.1 The information provided by the User as well as the information available about the User in various parts of the online banking interface (including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment account numbers, personal identity numbers) will be collected and processed by Worldline for the purpose of rendering the service and for preventing and combating abuse. Such collection and processing takes place in accordance with Worldline’s Privacy Notice, which can be found on the website.

    11.2 Worldline is the controller of the collected data and is responsible for ensuring that it will be treated in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will be used by Worldline for the purposes and in the manner, and only be provided to third parties, as set forth herein.

    11.3 The telephone conversations between the User and the Customer Services Department of Worldline may be recorded or monitored by other employees or consultants of Worldline who do not participate. In these conversations, for purposes of training and/or employee supervision. The User can refuse this on a call-by-call basis.

    Worldline: Worldline NV/SA Haachtsesteenweg 1442, 1130 Brussels – VAT 0418.547.872; Worldline NV/SA is Licensed as a Payment Institution in Belgium and duly authorized to operate as an account information service provider in Belgium. Worldline NV/SA is regulated by the National Bank of Belgium (, Boulevard de Berlaimont 14, 1000 Brussels,