Pay with your bank account – FAQs



Worldline provides this account based payment service as an additional payment method for web shops. In our FAQs we provide answers to the most common questions we are asked about the service.


General information:

  • I have never used account based payment before. How can I use the service?

    The only prerequisite for using the service is that you have a bank account with one of the listed banks (see list after starting the payment process in the respective web shop).

    Is the service secure?

    The high security standards used by Worldline to process cashless payments between the payment platform and the banks provide highest security. The service is run on a modern and secure system from Worldline, the market leader in payment transaction technology.

    What will happen if the amount exceeds my bank account balance?

    The payment will not be executed and the merchant will not be credited.

    When will the amount be debited on my bank account?

    Usually your bank account will be debited during the day of your purchase or overnight. The exact time of the execution of the payment depends on the bank.

    What will an account based payment cost me?

    Worldline as the payment processor of the transaction does not charge a fee to the payer. Please check with your bank if they apply a fee for a credit transfer or an instant payment.

Use of the service:

  • I cannot find my bank in the list?

    Worldline is currently working on the increase of the number of available banks. Please check the availability of your bank at a later stage again. If your bank is not listed, please cancel this payment and choose another payment method.

    There is a problem with my bank. What do I need to do?

    No matter what the reason the bank does not process the payment (no initiation of payment / cancelation of the payment), please contact your bank for more details.

    Why did I not receive any confirmation of the payment from my bank yet?

    Please contact your bank.

    Where do I find my e-banking ID?

    Please contact your bank.

    Why can I not authenticate myself within my e-banking?

    Please contact your bank.

    Why do I have to accept the Terms & Conditions when paying?

    Using the service of Worldline requires the acceptance of its general Terms and Conditions.

    Why was the payment not executed?

    Please contact your bank if the payment was canceled for any reason.

Payment accounting:

  • How will the transaction appear on my bank account ?

    The payment transaction will be shown as an individual payment on your bank statement. It appears the same way as your other payments which you do by yourself in your e-banking.

    My payment hasn’t been debited. Why?

    Please contact your bank if the payment was canceled for any reason

    Why is the amount mentioned on my bank statement not the right one?

    Please contact our customer service by e-mail with the necessary information.

    My bank asks me to pay additional fees. Why?

    Please contact your bank. Worldline does not charge a fee to the payer for processing the payment.