Service Conditions PIS – for Merchants (version 2021-01)


    1.1. The Payment Initiation Service (“PIS”) service is a service to initiate a payment order at the request of the payment service user, being the Payer, with respect to a payment account held at another payment service provider in the sense of EU Directive 2015/2366 (PSD2).

    1.2. The "PIS" service developed  by Worldline offers the Merchant a service, to
    (i) initiate a payment order from the bank account of the Payer and under granted permission of the Payer to the bank account of the Merchant; and
    (ii) be informed on the result of the initiation of the payment order by the bank of the Payer, of the payment method and of the payment conditions.

    Payment method is a SEPA credit transfer and may be completed by other functionalities (such as instant payment) depending on the service offering of Payer’s bank.
    The “PIS” service confirmation of initiation of payment shall not be regarded as a confirmation of proper payment on the Merchant’s account.


    2.1. Reporting services (file transfer or extranet) are provided to the Merchant allowing the Merchant to check the status of the transactions.


    3.1 The Merchant cannot use the PIS service until the application and opening process has been completed to Worldline’s satisfaction.


    4.1 Worldline can temporarily suspend the PIS service to perform technical maintenance, in particular with respect to security patches.
    Worldline will use reasonable efforts to announce such technical maintenance one calendar week in advance.

    4.2 Worldline will use reasonable efforts to grant the Merchant access to the PIS service in a manner that is as uninterrupted as possible.
    If interruptions would be caused by the external parties (e.g., the bank of the Payer), then the role of Worldline will be limited to informing such parties about the interruptions, in order to allow them to take necessary measures.

    4.3 Worldline has the right to unilaterally change, revise, expand, terminate, suspend or interrupt the PIS service with immediate effect, if Worldline cannot reasonably be expected to continue providing the PIS services in the same manner. Worldline is not liable to the Merchant or a third party for any loss and/or damage resulting from this.  Worldline is not obligated to provide an alternative for its PIS service.


    5.1. Worldline will deliver the necessary efforts to provide the PIS service in accordance with industry practices.

    5.2. Worldline will use reasonable efforts to provide a reliable service by using server authentication, signing messages, and protecting data exchanges. The Merchant nevertheless acknowledges the unpredictable nature of the Internet, the complexity of software, the multitude of parties and factors involved, as well as the increased risk of hacking.
    Worldline reminds the Merchant that the security of payments between the Payer's computer and the payment service depends on the use of SSL ("Secure Socket Layer", a cryptographic protocol that allows to transport information over the Internet in a confidential manner). Worldline does not have any impact on elements such as the general operation of the Internet, telecommunications networks, third-party servers, etc.

    5.3. Worldline's duty to advise the Merchant shall be explicitly limited to the conditions for using the PIS service. Immediately after initiation, the Payer’s bank shall provide or make available to Worldline, who subsequently shall provide or make available to the Merchant, all of the following data:

    (a) confirmation of the successful initiation of the payment order with the Payer’s account servicing payment service provider;
    (b) a reference enabling the Merchant to identify the (execution of the) payment transaction;
    (c) the amount and currency of the payment transaction;

    knowing that the execution of the SEPA credit transfer is under responsibility of the bank of the Payer and therefore, Worldline cannot and does not guarantee the correct or proper execution of the payment (including but not limited to sufficiency of funds).


    6.1. The Merchant shall ensure that his internet connection and web site is secure, and shall inform Worldline about every fraudulent use of the PIS service.6. obligations of the merchant

    6.2. The Merchant shall himself be responsible for the products and services offered to Payers. Worldline shall not be responsible for any information, messages, photos and general contents emanating from the Merchant or his web site.

    6.3. The Merchant shall take full responsibility for all consequences of every change applied by himself or any third party to the PIS service, in particular for the consequences of every change and/or disruption of the software that can modify the nature of the PIS service.

    6.4. The Merchant may only use Worldline’s PIS service and facilitate payment orders for the agreed upon (online) shop(s) and not for any other (online) shop(s), entity or party.

    6.5. The Merchant will not use Worldline’s PIS service for activities or purposes which are in violation of legislation or regulations or which could have a harmful effect on Worldline’s reputation or the integrity of the financial system.

    6.6. The Merchant will use the PIS service in accordance with the instructions and information from Worldline concerning the use thereof.  Worldline’s online tool and other property, instruments, documents and software that is provided by Worldline for the use of the PIS service and/or for the authentication of the Merchant is strictly personal and non-transferable and may not be altered, copied or reproduced.

    6.7. The Merchant will take note of the information provided by Worldline concerning the safe use of Worldline’s online tool (and other property, instruments, documents and software that is provided by Worldline for the use of the PIS service and/or for the authentication of the Merchant), the personalized security features, the measures that the Merchant must take to prevent fraud or other forms of abuse, and will act in accordance with this information. Worldline is authorized to amend this information and apply such amendments with immediate effect in urgent situations. Worldline will notify the Merchant about this.

    6.8. The Merchant guarantees and is responsible for ensuring that any person who has access on his/her behalf to Worldline’s PIS service observes and complies with Clauses 6.6 and 6.7 above.

    6.9. The Merchant shall make available to the Payer clear information on the identity of Worldline (as payment initiation service provider licensee) and other information required by PSD2 (in particular its Article 45),  before performing the payment transaction. The Merchant shall make and allow that this legally required information is made visible to the Payer on the pay page.

    6.10. The Merchant shall deliver to Worldline, within 24 hours upon Worldline’s request, all requested details of the Payer and of the concerned transaction(s) for preventing or combating abuse, such as but not limited to the event that Worldline has identified a transaction as irregular, fraudulent or infringing anti-money laundering or anti-terrorism regulations.

    6.11. The Merchant accepts that Worldline is entitled to limit the amount of payments initiated for risk or security reason(s) linked amongst others to the Merchant, the Payer or the goods or services under the transaction.


    7.1 The Merchant will comply with and follow the most recent instructions and system, software and other requirements for the implementation, access to and use of Worldline’s PIS service as determined by Worldline.  Worldline is not liable for any loss and/or damage to the Merchant as the result of i) changes in the software or equipment provided by Worldline, ii) incorrect functioning of the Merchant’s equipment or software, iii) failure to follow instructions from Worldline, iv) failure to satisfy the conditions for implementation, access to and use of Worldline’s PIS service or v) failures or negligence by the external parties (e.g., the Payer’s bank or the Merchant’s bank).

    7.2 The Merchant is responsible, for his/her own account and risk, for implementing the Worldline’s online tool (and related equipment and software), including related updates from time to time issued by Worldline. If the Merchant engages a third party for implementing this, the Merchant remains fully liable to Worldline for any loss and/or damage arising from acts and /or omissions of such third party, as if they were acts and/or omissions of the Merchant.

    7.3 The Merchant must have an internet connection, access to an electronic communication or broadcasting network or other means of passing on and/or receiving data. Worldline is not a party to the particular agreement between Merchant and his/her provider. All costs for access to and use of the services provided by these providers are at the Merchant’s expense. Worldline is not liable for any loss and/or damage for the Merchant in connection with these services.

    7.4 The Merchant is required to ensure that up-to-date antivirus software, anti-spyware software, firewall software or some other relevant security tool is used to secure (access to) Worldline’s PIS service. If the Merchant discovers or suspects a virus, spyware or unauthorized access to Worldline’s PIS service, the Merchant must notify Worldline of this immediately and the Merchant will take all necessary measures to prevent loss and/or damage. Worldline reserves the right to block access to its PIS services after such notification.

    7.5 The Merchant will ensure that correct logout procedures are followed when logging out of or leaving Worldline’s online tool, a computer or another applicable (mobile) device unattended. The Merchant will also take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized use of Worldline’s online tool, a computer or other relevant (mobile) device that can be used to access Worldline’s PIS service.

    7.6 Worldline or a third party designated by Worldline is authorized to inspect the Merchant’s equipment, hardware and software as well as the Merchant’s compliance with the security requirements.


    8.1 Complaints can be submitted to Worldline via the Customer Services Department , or by using the electronic complaint form available at

    8.2 The Merchant may, if required, also make a complaint about a payment service by writing to:

    Federal public service for Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy – Directorate-General for Control and Mediation – Front Office - NGIII, Koning Albert II-laan 16, 3rd floor, 1000 Brussel

    8.3 The Merchant’s right to pursue other legal remedies is not affected by initiating an out of court dispute settlement procedure as referred to above.

    9. PRIVACY

    9.1 The information provided by the Merchant (including name, address, VAT number, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account numbers, personal identity numbers)  as well as the information available in various parts of the banking interface will be collected and processed by Worldline for the purpose of rendering the service and for preventing and combating abuse. Such collection and processing takes place in accordance with Worldline’s Privacy Notice, which can be found on the website .

    9.2 Worldline is the controller of the collected data and is responsible for ensuring that it will be treated in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will be used by Worldline for the purposes and in the manner, and only be provided to third parties, as set forth herein.

    9.3 The telephone conversations between the Merchant and the Customer  Services Department of Worldline may be recorded or monitored by other employees or consultants of Worldline who do not participate. In these conversations, for purposes of training and/or employee supervision. The Merchant can refuse this on a call-by-call basis.


    • Payer: internet user who performs payments on the Merchant's web site for a product or service offered by the Merchant on his web site.
    • Initiated Payment: any payment that can be initiated by the Payment Initiation Service Provider to the bank of the Payer.
    • Initiation of Payment: any action to initiate a Payment by the Payment Initiation Service Provider to the bank of the Payer and under granted permission of the Payer.
    • Worldline: Worldline NV/SA, with registered office at Haachtsesteenweg 1442, 1130 Brussels – VAT 0418.547.872; Worldline NV/SA is Licensed as a Payment Institution in Belgium and duly authorized to operate as a payment initiation service provider in Belgium. Worldline NV/SA is regulated by the National Bank of Belgium (, Boulevard de Berlaimont 14, 1000 Brussels,