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Android POS


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Smart POS


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  • Why can’t I install the Smart POS application on my mobile device?

    It is possible the device specifications do not meet the requirements for installing the application. Make sure the device has an Android operating system, version 10.0+.

      the device has built-in NFC technology
      • Google Play Store is installed on the device
        • the Google ID location corresponds to your area

        • These are the minimum requirements for installing the application. However, once the programme is installed, it verifies the reliability of your device. If your device does not meet the secure use criteria (see relevant section in the Annex), the further use of the application may be limited.

    When I log in to the application, I receive the message “Verify that the username or password you entered are correct”. What am I doing wrong?

    You can check the following:

    1. If you have already activated the Smart POS terminal and have replaced the original password with a new one, make sure you have entered it correctly.
    2. If another user is using the same mobile device and the same passwords, check to see if that user has changed the password.
    3. If you have forgotten the password you set when activating the application, ask the administrator to restore the original password on the application from the Merchant Portal. For more details, refer to the “Users” section in the Merchant Portal user guide.
    4. If your device is already activated as a Smart POS terminal of another merchant, ask the merchant to disconnect your mobile device. This facility is available on the “other” merchant's Merchant Portal. For more details, refer to the “Terminals” section in the Merchant Portal user guide.

    Why can’t I install the application on my mobile device? I am getting messages like “There are no terminals available for this device”. What does this mean?

    We can assume that you requested just one Smart POS terminal in your application to the Bank. To operate a second device alongside the first, you must have a second Smart POS terminal. Contact the Bank to request a second Smart POS terminal. To activate the existing Smart POS terminal on another device, you must first unlink it from the device to which it is connected. The process for disconnecting and connecting a new device is described on the Merchant Portal.

    When I place the card near the mobile device, it does not recognize the card and after a short while, a message appears that reads “The period for completing this transaction has expired”. Why isn’t the payment being completed?

    1. Make sure the card is contactless (icon).
    2. Make sure the card is near the NFC reader of your device. For more information, see section 9.1.
    3. You device's protective cover may be blocking the NFC transmitter signal.
    4. Make sure the card has not been withdrawn from the NFC reader field too quickly.
    5. The card’s own transmitter may have been damaged (this is not a rare occurrence; verify with the customer that their card can carry out NFC transactions).
    6. The NFC chip may have been damaged. Install any application that can be used to test whether the NFC transmitter is functioning properly.

    7. Run the application and try to read the NFC data using any contactless card (other than your customer’s card).

    Why can’t I see all my transactions in the application on my phone?

    On any particular mobile device, you can only see the transactions of the current shift, if you have not closed the shift. On the Merchant Portal, the administrator can see all transactions for any time period and for any device.

    I have enabled the Reference Label/Scanner functionality and I want to restore the application to its default function. How can I change it?

    Select the icon and restore the application to its default function. If you wish to skip scanning, drag the initial Scanner screen from right to left. This will automatically take you to the screen where you can enter the username and the password.



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List of interest-free instalments

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Cardlink apollo


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The statement with the totals of the transactions you carry out through Worldline Greece is sent to you monthly physically by post.

Additionally the transactions analysis is available through the Eurobank e-Banking service.

To obtain the analysis of your movements for any period of time from Eurobank e-Banking, follow the steps below:

My day to day banking> POS Transactions > Display with Merchant Code > Transactions > Select Time Period > Search > Display Results > Select Purchases/Returns etc > Download

In case you don’t have e-Banking, please visit the Eurobank website for codes issuing.

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