SOFiE V6 - OpenJDK

Dear SOFiE users,

Welcome to the page where we present you the latest version of the client Sofie.

Regardless of your current version, we strongly recommend that you update your Sofie client regularly. Your LuxTrust certificate remains valid after this update.

Note: References to our former name (Six-Payment-Services) can still be found in the various documents. During the year 2022, all these references will be replaced by "Worldline" or "Worldline Financial Services".

Do not hesitate to consult the SOFiE website for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact our SOFIE helpdesk in case of technical questions at +352 355 66 600, or by E-mail:

Thanking you for the confidence you give in our electronic transfer system.

Video tutorials are now available on this page: "SOFiE - Documentation - Video Tutorials".

  • Please note that for Windows systems you do not need to install Java on your system before installing SOFIE, given that a custom JRE is already embedded in the SOFiE installer package.
  • For installation procedure, please refer to the manual "Installation and profile creation" in the documentation section of this website.

What's new?

We are pleased to inform you about the new SOFiE update "V6.07.03 (2024-03-26)" dated March 26th 2024, end of afternoon .

New SDMX Schema v1.0.10 for AnaCredit

The SDMX schemas v1.0.10 have been published and will be applicable for the reference date of April 2024 (included).

Please pay attention to the fact that:

  • Reference dates from September 2023 to March 2024 (included) have to be submitted in the v1.0.9.
  • Reference dates from April to August 2023 (included) have to be submitted in the v1.0.8.
  • Reference dates until March 2023 (included) have to be submitted in the v1.0.7.


Our dedicated SOFiE Helpdesk is available for any other technical question at (+352) 355 66 - 600, or by E-mail :


Installation for Windows

SOFiE Portable with OpenJDK

SOFiE Portable packaged with the open Java Runtime Environment OpenJDK version 11 for MS Windows 32 and 64 bits systems (8 and later, 2008 server and later, as long as OpenJDK is supported).

There is a package for Windows 32 bit systems and another for 64 bit ones.

This version can be used for any type of installation and it is especially recommended for an installation on a remote server. It has the highest compatibilty with standard and non standard system configurations. Please read the documentation in the package (ZIP archive).

Latest version: V6.07.03 (2024-03-26)

Download SOFiE Portable 64 bit V6

Download SOFiE Portable 32 bit V6


Add-on for SOFiE Crypt batch installation without internet connectivity

Add-on for a SOFiE Crypt batch installation without internet connectivity (Any 32 and 64bits system, MS Windows or Unix/Linux based systems, as long as OpenJDK 11 is supported):

Latest version: V6.07.03 (2024-03-26)

For a standalone SOFiE Crypt batch installation, with no internet connectivity, the following zip file containing all the SOFiE jar files should be uncompressed in the SOFiE home folder, subfolder lib.

Download SOFiE Batch lib  version 6.07.03

(The version 5 series is no longer maintained since January 31, 2021. Please refer to the chapter above for more information. We invite you to migrate to the latest available version.)

For all the other installation types, this add-on is not required. Moreover, if you have used the portable version of SOFiE for your Crypt batch installation, you don't need this add-on either.

It is highly recommended to delete the whole content in the folder “lib” (and only that one) before extracting the content of this ZIP archive.

Installation for Unix/Linux


SOFiE not packaged with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for UNIX/Linux 32/64 bits systems, as long as OpenJDK version 11or above is supported).

Latest version: V6.07.03 (2024-03-26)

Please uncompress the archive in the SOFiE home folder with the command "tar -xvf <tar file name) " and read the INSTALL.TXT notes included in the installation package.

Run SOFiE with the command "run_gui.ksh" from the "bin" subfolder (The Korn Shell is mandatory).

Download SOFiE for UNIX/Linux and OpenJDK