Your LuxTrust public certificate has to be known by SOFiE.

You have received your public certificate as an attached file in an email sent by Easy_SSL, the department at LuxTrust handling the SSL certificate orders. The email’s subject is “Easy_SSL - Your order #1234 is now complete”, where 1234 is the order number. In this example, the file would be named “1234.txt”. Please save the file onto your computer and then upload it using the “Browse” and “Upload” buttons below. Please note that there is no need to rename the file before the upload. You will be asked for your SOFiE User ID and password. After this, SIX-Payment-Services will send you an email with the SOFiE configuration file.

  • Should you have more than one certificate to upload, please take care to start a new session (by closing and reopening the browser) before each upload.
  • SIX-Payment-Services will send the configuration file during business hours .
  • Even during business hours it may take a few hours, after the upload of the certificate, to send the configuration file.
  • Please do not download any files with your SOFiE client until the new configuration file has been received and installed.