Contactless payments: more convenient than ever before

Just hold your card up to the payment terminal, et voilà – your payment has been processed. Wireless technology is the key to this new method of payment – making life even easier and more convenient for your customers. You optimize processing at your points of sale, and also save valuable time and resources.

Today, more than 100 million credit cards worldwide are already equipped with the contactless function – and the trend is growing. Worldline is committed to this technology and offers contactless readers in all of its payment terminals.

All your customers need to do is hold their card in front of the contactless payment terminal reader, and the card and reader establish a connection with each other via wireless technology (known as near field communication, or NFC). The payment is completed in a flash. Each transaction is uniquely encrypted, ensuring the data are transferred securely and double bookings are avoided. 

Your customers can pay for a bus tickets or a coffee to go quickly and easily without having to enter their PIN; the payment takes only about half a second.  In the case of larger amounts, the payment terminal automatically asks for a PIN confirmation.


If so, get in contact with us. We’d be happy to show you how to take advantage of cashless payment options to increase your revenue.

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