Payment Security

Security for cashless payments

For your and your customer's peace of mind

The highest security is our standard

Security at Worldline is not just a promise. Whether it’s in retail, e-commerce or m-commerce - all the payment solutions from Worldline are subject to the international rules of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and the EMV security standard and are 3-D Secure.

Data security and PCI DSS standard

All Worldline payment solutions are certified according to the strictest criteria of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and therefore offer the highest level of security. You can rely on them at all times in your day-to-day business.

3-D Secure

3-D Secure is the security standard for online payments. With 3-D Secure, cardholders have to verify their identity in an additional step. This makes e-commerce significantly more secure for them. And as a merchant, you are protected against payment defaults.

How does your customer know a web shop is using 3-D Secure? The “Visa Secure”, “Mastercard Identity Check” and “American Express SafeKey” logos refer to it. With 3-D Secure, payment by inputting an additional personal code is significantly more secure compared to other payment methods. Cardholders verify their identity with the card-issuing bank prior to payment. 

EMV security standard

EMV is a technical standard for card payments and ensures that card data is transmitted securely. Authentication and data transfer takes place via a microprocessor chip.

Card data is stored twice on the credit or debit card: on the magnetic stripe and on the chip. Today’s technical standard is the anti-counterfeit chip. If a payment terminal is equipped with a chip reader, authentication takes place automatically via the EMV chip and not via the technically outdated magnetic stripe.

When paying with EMV, the cardholder identifies himself by entering his personal identification number, the PIN. The card is thus much better protected in the event that the card is lost than with a signature. It will be a few years before PIN payment is accepted worldwide. The payment terminals from Worldline, however, are all equipped with EMV chip readers as standard.